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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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in the fourth quarter it will do better. airlines are very, very cheap. liz: here we go. a record for the nasdaq, bob. >> let's toast to that. liz: let's toast to that. [closing bell rings] apple was not exactly the cause of it. as we close the nasdaq heads for another record high, seventh of a year. david and melissa have more on that with "after the bell." david: thank you very much, liz. tech on top. nasdaq at new record high while the dow and s&p finished a little lower for the day. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers. first, here is what else we have for you at this hour? apple announced a new iphone and apple watch. we'll tell you what is included and perhaps more importantly what is not. donald trump announced his plans to boost our military and national security. details on his plan to defeat isis and dramatically increase spending on the troops. members of congress calling for a new investigation into hillary clinton's deleted emails
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as we're learning more about some of her, where some of her phones came from and how they were destroyed. david: with a hammer? what's up with that? back to the markets. the dow sliding today. walmart, home depot, merck and proctor & gamble among the biggest drags on the market but a very different story for oil today. phil flynn of price futures, fox business contributor watching the action from the cme. and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, first to you. forget the dow and the s&p. let's focus on the positive, nasdaq. reporter: the s&p for its part, david is great story. you're right, nasdaq a seventh record close this year. nasdaq composite index with a gain of 8 points. that was enough to put it at a new lifetime high. i was watching s&p down .3 of one point today, at 2186, puts it less than five point away from a lifetime high on the s&p today. trader pointed out to me very
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importantly over the last 60 trading days stocks have moved in 1 1/2% range overall and that is very significant because we're at some really lofty levels here. we have obviously a presidential election coming up. who knows what other geopolitical events could act as catalysts to send stocks one way or the other. there is a lot of discussion, a lot of writing about if we're at the top here and if a correction is overdue. let's continue our discussion on the good news. two names, amazon, and facebook, absolutely hitting lifetime highs today. look at that, facebook up better than 1%. amazon did fade but hit a lifetime high during the session nonetheless. look at airlines. airline stocks soared, love to say that, basically improving revenue outlook for domestic demand hipped airlines today. back to you guys. melissa: thanks so much, lori. phil, oil back above 45 bucks a barrel. what is driving it higher? >> i think it was back and forth today but one of the stories that drove it higher at the end
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of the day from the energy administration information that came out with their short-term energy outlike. they say global oil inventories will rise but not as much as they thought the last couple years. they predict at the same time, oil supplies globally will start declining in the second half next year. end of 2017 they're looking for much higher prices but in the short term they're looking for some stability. good news about that report, melissa, is that gasoline prices, they are predicting despite record gasoline demand in this country we'll see gasoline prices continue to fall. they're predicting that gasoline prices could call below $2 a gallon in december. what that also means, that will be lowest prices in eight years. market really took that as a positive. as opposed to a negative. other thing of course, keep an eye on the fed. fed comments move the market rest of the week. back to you. melissa: absolutely. thank you, phil.
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david: let's talk apple. apple fans are eager to take a bite out of the next generation iphone. unveiling new water resistant iphone 7. as predicted they are getting rid of the headphone jack. some people think that is good news, others not so much. robert gray from the event in san francisco with the very latest. hi, robert. reporter: david, that's right. the headphone jack is out and they will connect through the lightning port and air buds which are wireless and operated by batteries. they're going to a new format here which is not all that unusual. apple done this in the past. they are including an adapter for those with drawer full of old ear buds and including new headphones that connect through the lightning port. trying to look out for folks there. as far as peripheries go, apple owns beat, they are ready to go and should at j.b.l. as far as other accessory
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companies, jeff grady, dlo basically created category back in 2000. it never got a heads up, put as lot of folks that make these things at disadvantage. something in the marketplace. they have to come here to the events and run out with the specs and bill for it. as far as the camera, they improved for that. they have dual lenses. for creative photographers they create depth of field in the portrait mode which is added. battery life. something folks will want to hear. longest ever from the iphone. 6 to 7, should get two hours extra. priced the same, david. one last thing they're including super mario and a way for pokemon folks to look up into the world except their phones. david: all right. i still haven't played the game. don't want to get sucked into it. thank you, robert. melissa: clay ton morris, "fox & friends weekend" co-host, jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund and fox news
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contributor. clayton, let me start with you. what was the thing that caught your attention the most? you like the ear buds, getting rid of the phone jack, it is flash proof and apple watch. what did you like? >> i was really supplied the move for apple into fitness. this is shot you saw in the advertising today. they were showing as many people working out, the amount of time apple putting into people swimming. looked at 400 different swimmers to see and measure arm stroke an all of those different things. one of the big complaints about the apple watch from fitness enthusiasts lack of gps they answered that today. a lot of people will jog with their apple watch and they will wear a garmin watch at the same time because they want the gdp technology with the apple watch, gone now. you no longer need to wear the garmin watch anymore. wireless component. being able to leave your phone at home. put in the apple airpods in your ear and using that, their w-1 chip they announced today also.
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so apple's proprietary wireless technology. listen to music right from the watch to your ear. the big push into fitness was really clear for apple. the partnership with nike as well, with the new nike plus sport watch. that was really interesting. melissa: jonathan, i'm picturing everywhere you walk people are looking down at their phone already and ear buds in and wire connecting them. now people will put the wireless ear buds in the morning, never take them out. when you walk past people at work, they will have them in and we're totally isolated from each other. are you looking forward to that? >> this is a big change, melissa. clayton is exactly right. the question with with the fitters in and watch is the today's announcement. the big announcement of elimination of headphone jack. apple has history of this, melissa. back in 1980s, and graphic interface and mouse apple innovated. i'm not necessarily ready to cut
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the cord from apple. can't bring myself to do it. melissa: don't do it. don't do it. >> they're prompting a lot of investors to look at stock which lagged. nasdaq had all-time high. this could get them to do so. melissa: steven what do you think? sometimes they come out with things don't think are a big deal. people are disappointed and ends up with being a huge deal. i think this is revolutionary but i know not a lot of people do. what do you think? >> i agree with you. this is major milestone when you think of the tech world and all the innovations. when you look at the stock price, apple finished up a little bit but over the past few months it has been on quite a tear. that is after it was down a significant amount leading up to the summer. apple shares might have a little bit of recovering to do here. i think that with this announcement here, it is interesting because these aren't necessarily gangbuster or revolutionary changes but a lot of this is leading to what
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people are anticipating for the next iphone launch next year which will be the 10th anniversary of the iphone. so i know strange we're talking about the new iphone now but really there so much focus among analyst what is is come next. melissa: absolutely. that watch thing is a disaster for me. my nine-year-old already wants that now that it has pokemon go on it. >> forget about it. melissa: that's terrible, thanks guys. david: i love jonathan's props. melissa: he almost cut it but didn't. david: always prepared. apple with a big event, sony with new versions of playstation 4 and final touches on what everybody is interested in, playstation virtual reality the big headsets, all set to be released a month from now. clayton, "pokemon go," i told the world i never played it. i don't know much about it. only thing i can imagine would beat it would be the virtual reality playstation. that's very cool, no. >> it is very cool.
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two announcements from sony was one of the worst kept secrets in all of tech journalism. september 15th new playstation will have same internals as current one. new hdr provisioner of the playstation. it is exciting and tackle beautiful gradations they weren't able to get with their virtual reality headset before with the new pro model. it will be really interesting to see how many people gravitate towards it. we all remember microsoft and their kinect and standing in front of it, dancing around and i know jonathan was big fan of doing assume ba classes and doing them all. -- zumba i don't know if this catches fire and we see millions of kids wearing vr headsets. david: 360 world is extraordinary. we have breaking news. hewlett-packard enterprises out with third quarter results.
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lori rothman with the numbers for us. hi, lori. reporter: hi, david. hewlett-packard enterprises comes with 49 cents a share. beat of 44 cents a share estimate wall street was anticipating. revenue was soft versus expectation of 12.65 billion, a decline of 6%. this is first time that hewlett-packard enterprise reported earnings. as you know hewlett-packard split off this is the company that focuses on servers, which the other part of hp, inc. which focused on computers and such. we have news of a deal. they will spin off and merge non-core software assets with a company called micro focus in a deal valued $8.8 billion. "the wall street journal" reported that this was pending and the deal could be worth up $10 billion a little light there. weaker revenue than forecast. looking at shares of hewlett-packard enterprise
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declining in the extended session, down over 1%. david. david: down a tick. lori, thank you very much. melissa: billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman purchasing a 9.9% stake in chipolte worth $1.2 billion, saying in a the filing that he believes the company has strong brand differentiated offerings, enormous growth opportunity and visionary leadership. shares of chipolte are down 39% in the last year. steven, what do you think of this one? ackman, i don't know he has had a mixed record lately. >> quite a mixed record. this is interesting. this is not his first foray into restaurant and food stocks. he has done this with wendy's, mcdonald's, burger king. this is interesting, chipolte really hot button issue with the company and health scares and issues they have had over the past several years. getting in here at a stock certainly beaten down a lot. but the question is how much upside does it have from here? still looking at the valuation
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metrics it is still a very pricey stock. when you look at other companies that suffered from health scares like chipolte has, it takes a long time for them to recover. melissa: yeah. >> he might see a bargain here. something might take a long time. certainly something he is used to. melissa: that's right. >> he is using to have the bets go for a long, long time. david: big name in wall street, goldman sachs saying in a memo to employees they may not make donations to quote, any federal candidate that is a sitting state or localfficial. specifically cited the trump-pence ticket. according to "fortune" magazine. goldman employees can still donate to the clinton-kaine ticket as kaine is a u.s. senator and not considered a local official. melissa: that is convenient. david: we all know that goldman sachs likes the way things are. they don't want a big shake-up the way donald trump is talking about shaking up wall street as opposed to main street. is this an attempt just to stop people from contributing to trump?
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>> i would question, david, that premise but i think this is more likely just goldman sachs not wanting to be brought into the whole political sphere as it already is by both candidates. i mean -- david: wait, wait, wait. melissa: come on. david: jonathan, they're saying you can contribute to clinton, you can not contribute to trump. doesn't that thrust them right into the political arena? >> they're saying it for pay for play reasons, david. as you already alluded to. the fact they don't want to be accused of being involved in payola. as of course several of the candidates have. frankly i don't blame them for wanting to be not associated with donald trump campaign. given what he said about a lot of things -- david: some people would say they made out like bandits over past seven years. no wonder they don't want to change. thanks, guys, appreciate it. melissa: members of the federal servon t hoteat ngre queionsheth the enre stem eds overul. vid:onaltrumlayi out his an tboosour lita d naonalecury.
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amonhis oposs ging genel 30ays comup wh a spificlan deft is. we'll put to the experts. lt. general tom mcinerney and sebastian gorka join us later this hour. melissa: donald trump taking the hour to slam hillary clinton and her use of a private email server as we're now learning blackberries she used may have been bought on ebay, are you kidding me? judge andrew napolitano here to weigh in. they were used. even better. >> hillary clinton has taught us, really how vulnerable we are in cyber hacking. that's probably the only thing that we have learned from hillary clinton. [laughter] they(einre)lot of things abo rn. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars.
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melissa: two federal reserve presidents making a trip to
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capitol hill for a grilling from members of the house financial services subcommittee on monetary policy and trade. that is all one title. can you believe that? david: i can. melissa: focusing committee on governance of fed banks and how it relates to issuing of u.s. monetary policy. peter barnes standing by in washington with the latest on that one. break it down for us. reporter: i will try, melissa. the fed is trying to fend off more attacks from politicians on both sides of the aisle. many republicans still angry about the big bailouts from banks and want more accountability and transparency. some democrat agree. some democrats also charge the fed has been helping mainly wealthier americans through its policy by boosting the stock market through low interest rates. has not been doing y boards of its regional banks to promote workers views. fed officials say they are improving transparency and diversity. that has not stopped congress from considering multiple
4:20 pm
bipartisan bills to rein in the fed. critics don't plan to let up. >> i don't think this issue will go away. first and foremost because people feel frustrated. they don't necessarily understand what is going on. they don't feel like they're being represented or heard all the time. that is one of our jobs is to make sure that is happening. reporter: and one fed bank president who testified today worries about changes to the fed from congress. >> i am concerned that you know, we've, we are maybe coming into the cross-hairs and, you know, i do worry about our ability to sustain that, monetary policy independence that we been able to sustain over the last couple of decades. reporter: now the hearing came at a sensitive time ahead of the fed's next policy meeting at the end of this month when members could vote for increase in short-term interest rates, a
4:21 pm
quarter point, only if they see healthy growth in the economy. lack hiking. critics want the fed to wait for more job growth. melissa? melissa: they will be waiting forever, peter. david: at least through the election. let's bring in former federal reserve advisor danielle booth on whether her take whether the fed should be overhauled. danielle, here is the crux of the issue. people think the fed is political tool, addressing needs of wall street and people inside of the beltway. zero interest rates are great for wall street and free spending politicians that want to borrow at zero interest rates and spend our money and put off paying bills but lousy for savers and main street to which you say what? >> i would say i agree with everything you just said, but leave it to politicians to have their eye on the wrong ball. david: exactly. >> president lacker is actually correct. he is spot on in maintaining that it is regional presidents
4:22 pm
that keep the fed from becoming an overly politicized institution. it is concentration of power that we have seen, first under greenspan, who reined over the fed with iron first and bernanke and continued with yellen. there is overly concentrated power seat at the fed that emanates first from washington, d.c. and then from the new york fed which of course has a permanent vote. david: it has superpower. like the superdelegates of the democratic party. donald trump weighed in. hillary clinton said it is not right for hymn to do so because it is completely independent institution which i say hogwash. they do play politics. listen to donald trump and get your reaction. >> keeping rates artificially low so obama can go out and play golf after january and say that he did a good job. but it is a very, it's a very false economy. we have a false economy. we have a bad economy. everyone understands it but it's
4:23 pm
a false economy. david: a lot of savers would agree with that. savers getting nothing at zero interest rates. >> right. when you consider the fact that people have toiled away for their entire life and are not allowed, by the law, of the federal reserve, these are unelected officials, that they're not allowed to be prudent in their retirement years and get any kind of an income on their savings, i consider that to be criminal, i really do. david: have to decentralize the fed. danielle, great to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. melissa: we have breaking news right now. sky news is reporting that liberty media is set to buy formula radio. formula one chief bernie ecclestone is asked to remain in his role for three years. liberty media is backed by you know, american media tycoon john malone. we'll bring you the latest on this story as we learn more about it, wow, that is a big one. david: john malone, you knew he loved formula one racing.
4:24 pm
just loves it. wants to get a piece of it. donald trump is laying out his military plan and contrasting with the obama administration. what does he plan to accomplish? also all of the controversy surrounding 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick pushed the team usa hockey coach to give a tough and bold message to each of his players. >> to each his own. i'm aware of issue. my question, how come you didn't do it last year. how come you didn't do it when you first entered the nfl? remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> we want to deter, avoid and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military strength. we have the greatest people in the world. we have to give them the greatest equipment. [applause] most importantly, we will be defended because without defense, we don't have a country.
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melissa: donald trump is laying out his military plan in philadelphia earlier today, outlining how he will rebuild and restructure the military. lt. general thomas mcinerney is a part of the 88 generals and admirals who have formally endorsed trump. he is also a fox news military analyst. thank you, sir, for joining us today. what were your takeaways from the speech today? what do you think was the most important thing he said? >> first of all, melissa, i want to say it was a brilliant speech. he did it superbly. he laid out from strategic point of view, peace through strength, a la, president reagan. then he went down with great special 'tis at this from the strategy, identifying the threat, radical islam, and current administration and mrs. clinton do not mention that word. they will not identify the threat. then he went down with the specificity of the force structure size, modernization, increasing the force structure
4:29 pm
size with the exact specifics. it was in great detail. he talked about cyber warfare. he talked about what we have to do as a nation to fund it. he laid out six specific issues to fund it. it would not have been been better. >> terms of it the funding, i'm not, not everybody agrees he gets there with the math. that is one of the big criticisms when he lays out the plans, how do you pay for it down the road. do you think that is a legitimate concern here? >> absolutely because we can not rebuild our military until we grow the economy at three to 6%, melissa. you need 4% minimum of gdp to rebuild this military. the obama administration has had 1.1% average over the last eight years. so hillary clinton's economic plan will not grow the military. so all of those people that signed up with her don't understand, she doesn't have enough money in the budget to rebuild the military. melissa: it is always hard to
4:30 pm
prove that by lowering taxes, unleashing regulation and businesses you will be able to grow the economy enough to pay for it. one of the things out in the future, how do we know for sure that's going to happen. let me ask you about votes, real quick. you know, there are 21.3 million veterans living here in the united states who are eligible to vote. 9% of the civilian population. another 1.3 million roughly in active service. is that an important voting bloc? did he motivate that group? everybody talks about people voting whether they're male or female or where they live or the income or their skin color. do people from the military identify and vote that way? were they swayed today? >> well i think a lot them do, particularly if they get an indication from the president, the candidate that he is going to rebuild the military. he presented a financial plan. by the way, people say, well, we don't want to put that much in defense. if you're growing the economy at
4:31 pm
3 to 6% a year, the fact is, those 93 million people that do not have full-time jobs, melissa, they will be working. they will see not that we have jobs, and we have national security and that's what's missing in the clinton plan as well as the obama plan demonstrated because he unilaterally disarmed us over the last eight years. melissa: no. the economy has been so stifled over the past eight years, it is hard to now even imagine growth at five or 6%. it is hard to even imagine what that would look like. but it is essential, we need it. general, thanks for joining us. i wish i had more time. >> thank you, melissa. david: now the southwest we're talking about bracing for more heavy rain. new flood warnings for arizona and new mexico. what you need to know about tropical storm newton coming up. melissa: obstructions of justice republicans calling for another investigation into hillary clinton emails. how strong is the case against her? judge andrew napolitano is here
4:32 pm
to weigh in. that's next. >> hillary clinton says that she can't remember what a "c" in brackets stands for. absolutely incredible for clinton to lie. she is lying about not knowing what that is. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them.
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we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. >> they even took a hammer to
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some of her 13 phones to cover up her tracks in obstruction of justice. these email records were destroyed after she received a subpoena. remember that word, after, after. she received a subpoena from congress, to turn them over. if you do that in private enterprise, it's a violation of the law. david: donald trump today suggesting that hillary clinton's destruction of her phones containing subpoenaed emails was against the law. is he right? here now judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. judge, what about it? >> well the short answer is the destruction of anything that has been subpoenaed, knowing that it has been subpoenaed is obstruction of justice and is a crime. david: particularly with a hammer, smashing it with a hammer. >> the question is, who authorized it, who did it, and what was the in device that was smashed. there is no evidence -- i don't
4:37 pm
want to sound like her defense lawyer but there is no evidence that mrs. clinton did this, however, she is the responsible authority. she received the subpoena. first she received a notice from the committee to preserve documents. then she received a subpoena. then there was a conference call between her lawyer and the company that had custody of these, of this hardware. then that company used the software called bleachbit, which according to the fbi actually does destroy. david: what you're saying there is enough, this term inside the beltway, plausible deniability between her and destruction of her phones to put it in question. >> but i want to say the opposite. i want to say there is enough to commence a investigation and fbi knew of this. we know it because we saw it on friday. david: but they knew the investigation would lead to no indictment. that is what happened. here is how crazy it got. we got word, "new york post" reporting it, came from congressman chaffetz, she was buying these phones, some of
4:38 pm
these 13 handheld phones she had, on ebay. they were secondhand, because she so enjoyed using a blackberry, buying on ebay where they could have been totally compromised. >> and the fbi said that was extremely careless but not grossly negligent. of course it is grossly negligent, to buy something from a stranger on ebay and put the national security secrets of the united states of america in there. david: who knows if somebody on ebay could not have linked that device to another device so it would have been easier to hack into? we may find out months, years later, in fact it was but isn't this taking recklessness to point of criminality, even this fbi could not ignore? >> i don't know how they ignored it, unless they were told by the white house, exonerate her no matter what you find. remember, david, they didn't present anything to a grand jury. they didn't issue any subpoenas. they didn't get any search warrants. they did not use the ordinary tools of law enforcement that the law makes available to them
4:39 pm
that they use in ordinary bank robbery case! david: have you ever seen the fbi in as bad a state in terms of its reputation as it is now? >> maybe in the watergate era but i am sorry that its reputation is so bad because before all of this we all thought that jim comey was the the fbi. david: well, not everybody. we are not indicting any agents. the agents who put their lives on the line are remarkable heroes. >> let me tell you they are not happy with this outcome. david: judge andrew napolitano. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: some traditional republican backers crossing party lines. dallas morning news which has not recommend ad democrat in over 75 years, endorsing hillary clinton in a new editorial. here now is brad blakeman, former bush 43 senior staffer, and christie setser, new heights communication president. thanks for joining us. brad, let me start with you, when i see the news, i sort of couple it with the news about
4:40 pm
donations from the oil industry. we were looking with those numbers. this is oil country talking about texas. to donald trump, 149,000. 525 to hillary clinton. these are groups that are embedded interests, special interests, lobbyists, who know that if you give money to hillary clinton, she does what you want her to. that is how i read this. do you read it differently? >> no, i read it exactly the same way. there are two things here. number one endorsements aren't what they used to be. people don't really look at endorsements because they're not relying on one source for their information anymore. three or four or more sources of information. a paper's endorsement doesn't mean much. but the oil industry, isn't sitting that hillary calls for the destruction basically of the coal industry. melissa: miners. >> yet, yeah, yet she is supporting oil. so i think oil industry greased hillary while the coal companies are left out in the cold.
4:41 pm
melissa: christie, the flip side of that argument is that, you know, this is bush country, and that the bushes obviously, obviously hate donald trump, and you have barbara bush out there who said, i don't know how any woman could ever vote for donald trump. and that's why you're seeing texas, in particular go in this direction and particularly oil industry as well. what do you think? >> i think that's fair. i also think that it is indication there continues to be this very serious divide between people who consider themselves, real serious republicans, serious conservatives and this trump wing of the party fueled by something very different but not talking about necessarily just, you know, low taxes and less government. and so it's actually been a big run of bad news for donald trump in texas. "houston chronicle" also endorsed clinton. there was that "washington post" poll yesterday had clinton up one. i think trump is going to win texas. i don't think that clinton is
4:42 pm
going to win there but the fact he is even going to have to contest it is insane. that is incredible. melissa: brad, this group much conservatives believe in low taxes and small government, that is not hillary clinton. >> it is not hillary clinton. it is very hip critical not to go with the party nominee because that's the way that we sustain our parties, from the top to the bottom. from the mayor to the president. so you know, the people who are disgruntled with trump, all you have to do is look at differences between trump and hillary. there is no way if you're republican and conservative you can support her. melissa: we've got to go. thanks, guys. appreciate it. david: hurricane newton has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it still pose as very real threat to the southwest. flood watches in effect for parts of new mexico and arizona has heavy rin pounds a very dry region. a lot of mud is expected.
4:43 pm
some places could pick up two months of rain in couple hours. melissa: all right. dangerous materials found in an abandoned car parked near the notre dame cathedral in paris. who does the car belong to and what was the plan. as terror remains in the for front donald trump has pretty optimistic plans for tackling isis if he becomes president but are they realistic? >> we now have an administration and a former secretary of state who refuse to say, radical islamic terrorism. and unless you're going to say the words, you're never going to solve the problem, it is very simple. [applause] i'm hillary clinton ai approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices,
4:44 pm
built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
4:45 pm
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and pull and struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom. and over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners navigate every day challenges. so visit us today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. david: well as if to highlight donald trump's message about the lack of respect for america a russian jet flew within 10 feet of a u.s. spy-plane today above the baltic sea in what is seen
4:47 pm
as an act of provocation by some. has the world lost respect for america as superpower? we have sebastian gorka, author of, fighting jihad. dr. gorka, i think this is obvious provocation by the russians. what is going on here? >> well we are seeing the execution of a long trend under the obama administration. your viewers need to understand this isn't something new. we have had strategic bombers, russian bombers fly off the california coast. we've had russian ships, submersibles, intimidate, get close to nato vessels in europe. this is just another example. this is brinksmanship like the cold war, sending a very clear message that if america doesn't want to lead, then vladmir putin is going to send a message to the world. david: yeah. power hates a vacuum. russia is showing us they will move in where we create a vacuum.
4:48 pm
donald trump spoke to this point specifically about russia today. let me play that, get your reaction. >> russia has defied this administration at every single turn. putin has no respect for president obama, and has absolutely no respect for hillary clinton. david: now hillary clinton of course is going one or two or three steps further and saying not only does, is trump playing the putin card but putin is playing the trump card. what do you think about all that? >> i think that is a bad joke. this is a woman who, her foundation and her husband received over $110 million from russian state interests and related companies when she was secretary of state and had to sign off on a deal that gave a large proportion of our uranium, american uranium, to those russian interests. if anybody is in the pocket of
4:49 pm
vladmir putin, it is hillary clinton. david: all right let's move back now to see how this lack of respect, i think it is fair to say, you look at the middle east, look are the russia, china, clear lack respect for america as superpower, how does it play into the war on terror, specifically our war on isis? >> i think it is bing west or someone like bing west, it is the strong horse or the strongest tribe that is respected. in the middle east power or seeming to have a sense of projection of yourself is incredibly important. and the obama administration officially used the phrase, leading from behind, as part of their national security strategy. leading from behind in the middle east means not leading. many countries elsewhere, china, north korea, iran, russia, understand what it means for them. they can exploit, as you put it, the vacuum created by the lack
4:50 pm
of a white house wanting to lead. david: very quickly, only 10 seconds, but do you think that a president trump could get in 30 days a clear plan from his generals about how to defeat isis? >> that is why i wrote my book defeating jihad. this is a bunch of, about 50, 60,000 jihadis left in theater. the idea that they're the most powerful superpower in the world can't defeat them with their allies is absurd. of course we could. we would crush them. david: dr. george car, thank you very much. melissa: authorities and parent in paris opened an investigation after a car loaded with cooking gas containers. the vehicle's two owners was detained for questioning one of whom is on a terrorist watch list. officials say it might have been part of a test run for a terror attack. wow.
4:51 pm
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4:55 pm
cost financing. isn't that amazing? so statistics don't bear it out. you can see why they get charged more. they have lower income. david: right. melissa: live in lower income area. david: don't fit characteristics of somebody that get as better loan. melissa: but they default less. david: as interesting is this, politicians might try to fix it. whenever they try to fix it they usually make it worse but needs to be addressed somehow. melissa: just shows you they're looking at the wrong statistics. women actually default less. that should be what they're basing likelihood of default, should be what they're basing on. david: i imagine the politicians getting paws on information. melissa: i thought you would dive into the psychology behind single woman are -- david: are you kidding? i've been married too long to try to get into that. melissa: looking for a long-term commitment. men are whatever, i may pay it, may not. david: can't get into that. melissa: you keep avoiding it. david: just when you think he's out, tiger woods announcing plans to return to the links in october.
4:56 pm
he has missed a year of competition after undergoing two back surgeries last fall. woods hopes to play in three tournaments upcoming beginning with theafeway open in napa, california. melissa: all right. stand up or sit out. one coach is cracking down on players who are thinking about protesting the national anthem. ♪
4:57 pm
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>> as colin kaepernick continues to sid on the sidelines during the national anthem, one coach is warning players about taking similar action. charles: this is team usa coach revealing he is going to bench players that sits for the national anthem during the world cup of hockey later this month. >> interesting. i guess they have different rules. the nfl said they're not compelled. >> they do. of course, this is not a
5:00 pm
private organization which changes the scale of things in a certain way, too. a lot of people are watching this weekend because as we're reminded sunday, of course, is 9/11, and that changes things quite a bit. >> all right, that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> and the trump administration our actions in the middle east will be tempered by realism. the current strategy of toppling regimes with no plan for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled simply by terrorists. >> immediately after taking office, i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction. hillary clinton's legacy in iraq, libya, syria, has produced only


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